24/7 Residential STA – Short-Term Accommodation Care in the Sunshine Coast

Being the primary carer for a loved one with disability can often feel like a full-time occupation. Despite the role being a fulfilling and rewarding experience, especially knowing you’re personally caring for a loved one, the responsibilities can be overwhelming and exhausting.

This is why Sunshine Coast Disability Services offers residential STA – Short-Term Accommodation care for families in the Sunshine Coast region. With this service, primary carers can take a much-needed break without needing to worry about the care their loved one receives.


What is STA – Short-Term Accommodation?

STA – Short-Term Accommodation care is providing professional care and assistance for a person with disability while their primary carer takes a break from the demands of caregiving.

While you are away, the family member with a disability receives STA – Short-Term Accommodation care at home or at a residential nursing facility. The goal of STA – Short-Term Accommodation care, apart from allowing primary carers to rest and recharge, is to minimize the disruption in the routine of the person that needs caring.

Sunshine Coast Disability Services offers STA – Short-Term Accommodation care for families caring for a loved one with disability. With highly trained disability support workers and caregivers looking after your family member, you can rest easy and make the most of your break.

Why Use STA – Short-Term Accommodation Care?

Allow primary carers to take a meaningful break

Being a primary caregiver for a family member with disability is a physically, mentally and emotionally-taxing job. As such, you need a break that will allow you to feel physically, mentally and emotionally ready to meet the demands of your role.

You can do this with STA – Short-Term Accommodation care. Knowing that your loved one is in the hands of highly-skilled disability care professionals can make it easier for you to truly relax and unwind. Whether it’s for a night or a whole week, STA – Short-Term Accommodation care services allow you to take the time you need for yourself.



Attend social engagements

As the primary caregiver of a person with a disability, it might not be easy to simply take the day off to meet up with friends or attend other social events. However, these social interactions are important for your own mental wellbeing.

With STA – Short-Term Accommodation care, you can take a day off to attend your best friend’s wedding or enjoy a date night with your significant other without worrying about who’s taking care of your loved one with a disability.

Give the person receiving care a change of pace

While minimizing disruption is one of the main purposes of STA – Short-Term Accommodation care, it’s also beneficial for the person you’re caring for to meet new people or experience a change in scenery.

STA – Short-Term Accommodation care makes way for these things to happen. If you choose to leave your loved one in the hands of disability care professionals at a facility, they can be in a new and exciting environment, no matter how brief. This can add excitement to their life and introduce them to new opportunities.

Types of STA – Short-Term Accommodation Care

Sunshine Coast Disability Services offers two kinds of STA – Short-Term Accommodation care.

In-Home STA – Short-Term Accommodation Care

A highly-skilled disability care worker comes to your house or the residence of the person in need of caring to relieve you of your duties. This is a popular choice for primary carers who need STA – Short-Term Accommodation for a few hours or overnight, especially since it’s also the least disruptive option.

Out-of-Home STA – Short-Term Accommodation

Ideal for families who need longer breaks, out-of-home or residential STA – Short-Term Accommodation care involves taking your loved one with disability to a residential care facility. Here, they can be supervised and assisted 24/7 while also meeting and mingling with other people.

Place Your Loved One’s Care in the Hands of Professionals

Disability care is a highly-particular task, with technicalities that only someone with professional or first-hand experience can understand. This is why STA – Short-Term Accommodation care is an invaluable service, both to primary carers and the person receiving care.

With STA – Short-Term Accommodation care from Sunshine Coast Disability Services, you can find temporary relief from the challenges of your role as primary carer and still leave your loved one in the capable hands of someone who knows what they’re doing.

Call Sunshine Coast Disability Services today at (04) 87-870-587 to plan your STA – Short-Term Accommodation care needs.